The Armoury Guild

The Armoury Guild is an exclusive group of members who have committed to financially supporting the games, videos, podcast and materials of The Armoury Bible Game Project on a monthly basis. By doing so they also pre-purchase items we are working on.






To see a Christian community that is as passionate about studying God’s Word in the home as we are. A community that values the importance of father-led family discipleship, that enjoys the epic fantasy genre / geek culture and wants to see this develop in Christian circles to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Guild Members who financially give to this work which will allow us to focus on The Armoury on a full-time basis, having our monthly needs as a family provided for.

This support would allow us to invest greater time, money and effort into The Armoury to ultimately provide you with better games, videos and merchandise. We have big plans for The Armoury universe and if you want to partner with us in this work we would be deeply grateful. 

By joining The Armoury Guild you will be pre-ordering the works that are in production below.


Members Of The Armoury Guild Receive Exclusive Access To:





 Guild Members gain access to our private Guild store where game expansions can be purchased!