Statement of Faith

The Bible is the very Word of God, is inerrant in its original autographs, and is fully and totally and uniquely reliable as the primary guide to all actions and commitments; 

That Jesus Christ is God Incarnate, became man to pay for the debts of his people, was crucified, buried, and bodily resurrected, is presently seated on His Father’s Throne in heaven, and will soon return to establish His Kingdom on the Planet Earth. 

The Holy Spirit is uniquely active in pursuing His mission in calling, equipping, and empowering believers, and is essential for any and all of the pursuits to be fruitful and effective.

Faith alone in the work of Jesus Christ alone by the grace of God alone are all necessary components of salvation which produce glory to God alone.

The Creators

Sean & Sarah are a husband and wife duo and force behind The Armoury Bible Game. They are both committed communicant members of their local conservative evangelical Presbyterian church and are in good standing with the members and Elders. 

affirmations & denials

The Armoury Bible Game is designed to be customisable.
Game Masters can teach their own doctrine or Christian tradition using the game.

The materials we produce are from our perspective and we hold to them because we believe they are true to the Holy Scriptures. Not all we affirm or deny is explicit in our publications but at least from these lists, you will know where we stand and won’t feel hoodwinked.

We Affirm: 

1. 24-Hour 6-Day Creation  
2. Angel View of Genesis 6  
3. Global Flood  
4. The Trinity  
5. Reformed Soteriology  
6. Credobaptism  
7. Conservative Continuationism  
8. Presbyterian Church Government  
9. Premillennialism  
10. Eternal Conscious Torment

We Deny:  

1. Gap, Day-Age & Other Views   
2. Seth View of Genesis 6   
3. Local Flood   
4. Unitarianism   
5. Open Theism & Roman Catholicism 
6. Pedobaptism   
7. Staunch Cessationism   
8. Mini Popes & Egalitarianism 
9. Amil & Postmil 
10. Annihilation