Players have won the game when all the Health Points of the Boss have been removed. Players have lost the game if all their Health Points are removed by the Boss.

The Game Master will give players a Quest to complete before the next game of The Armoury. Quests can be verbally given to the player or in written form- get creative!

Quests should be issued by the Game Master after a game is won and delivered by the Player awarded with the Quest before the next game of The Armoury Bible Game begins.   

Quests can include anything, for example:

  • Answering a Question 
  • Reading a list of Bible passages 
  • Memorising and reciting a Scripture
  • Preaching the Gospel
  • Praying for someone
  • Helping at church or the home

The objective of Quests is to encourage Players to continue to learn the Bible away from the table or to aid retention of the doctrines and scriptures that were explored during the playing of The Armoury Bible Game.

Upon successfully completing a Quest the Player will be rewarded with a perk by the Game Master that will aid them in their next battle within The Armoury Bible Game!

Such perks can include:

  • Being able to choose a Player Role instead of being allocated one
  • Starting the game with a number of Attack, Defence or Utility Cards
  • Starting the game with a piece of Armour
  • Starting the game with a Trade benefit of Might, Fortitude or Swiftness
  • Starting a game with an Item Card (coming soon)
  • Skipping their first Boss Card