Turn Your Sermon Notes Into A Role-Playing Game!



Sermon notebook

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20 Page Digital Notebook (.pdf) That Turns Your Sunday Sermons Notes Into A RPG!

How To Use This Notebook

Note: You Will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to type text in this document

A - Sermon Labels:

Includes sermon number so you can quickly navigate to different sermons from the frontpage, date and sermon verse/topic for your convenience.

B - Menu Button: 

Tap this button to navigate to the front page of this document. Use this feature to get to 
your other sermon notes. 

C - Sermon Notes: 

This space is provided for you to jot down your thoughts while listening to the sermon.  When taking notes focus on these 3 aspects: 

        1. The doctrine that is being communicated 

        2. The application of the text for you today 

        3. Any historical context that brings depth to the text/topic

D - Sermon Outline:

Use the information from your Sermon Notes (C) to bullet point the outline of the sermon in this section. This will help you track the train of thought of the sermon. 

E - Sermon Scripture References:

List the references of all the scriptures mentioned in the sermon.  
This is so you can look them up later or commit them to memory.

F - Things to Remember from Sermon:

 Note the big points of the sermon to takeaway.  This information can be used to 
 teach others using The Armoury Bible Game.

G - Attack Challenges: 

While keeping the doctrine that was communicated in the sermon in mind, from your sermon notes, create 2 Attack Questions with answers and 2 Bonus Questions. 

Include scriptures that would be worth memorising in the “Scripture Memory Verses” by noting shorter scriptures under “Easy” and longer scriptures under “Hard”

H - Defence Challenges:

Using your sermon notes craft  2 Defence Questions with answers including Bonus Questions with answers. Base these questions on the application of the text today with a focus on apologetics, refuting false doctrine and religion.  

Key scriptures to understand the sermon’s application should be listed in the “Scripture Reference Verses” section. John 3:16 could be an example of an “Easy” scripture to recall while more obscure scripture references could be labelled under “hard”. 

I - Utility Challenges:

Form 2 Utility Questions and answers with 2 Bonus Questions and answers that involve any historical context of the sermon.  

Scriptures that would be useful to quote should be included in the “Finding Scripture Verses” section.


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