I think it’s great that you get to read, learn and memorise scripture in a fun and interactive way. I can see how this will be an excellent game to be played by a family or group!”

F. Ogunnaike

the armoury bible game

Work together to battle sin by forging and putting on the Armour of God within the epic world of The Armoury!  

Use The Armoury game to teach the Bible to friends and family as the Game Master or memorize scripture by adventuring in the game as the Warrior or Bard.

The best reason to play this game is for what you will learn - amazingly I still remember the memory verses and the lessons that came with them! How? Because I really wanted to beat "The Boss!”

C. Fitzpatrick

buy the armoury bible game

- 2-3 Players
- 60-90 Min. Playtime

- Collect powerful Armour
- Work together
- Learn Scripture

- For all ages (+7 recommended) 
- No game is the same
-Includes 90 cards (305gsm UV coated)
-Ships worldwide 

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    Bible RPG

    Family devotions | Bible studies | Sunday afternoons | Church events

    No game is the same! With various Bible challenges, player roles and armour sets to collect no game of The Armoury is the same. You are always in the hot seat as your decisions not only impact you but other players too!

    for kids and adults

    put on the armour of God

    battle sin

    Questing in the armoury

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    Get a free Game Master Pack that teaches players of The Armoury Bible Game how to share the Gospel with a Roman Catholic.