Archer (Player Role)
The player whose primary role is Attack with a secondary role being Utility and weakness of Defence. The Archer has 2 HP and only needs to hold 1 Utility Card to attack. The Archer can Trade Fortitude. (Coming Soon)

Armour Card
A piece of armour specific to the player that is obtained through forging armour that strengthens the player and provides additional abilities or perks. 

Armour Set
A specific combination of 6 pieces of Armour Cards required to obtain the player's Special Ability which is found on the Player Role Card. 

The Armoury (Bible Game)
A turn-based Bible card game that utilises teamwork, scripture memory and Bible learning. Designed to encourage family devotions in the home. 

Attack Card (ATC)
Cards gained from doing the red Attack Card Challenges or points gained from Player Abilities. Attack Cards are needed to do attack abilities that damage the Boss.  


Ballad of Beauty (Bard Special Ability)
Requires 4 Attack Cards and all 6 pieces of Bard's Garments of God Armour Set. All players skip their next Boss Card on their next turn and pick up 1 Utility Card. The Bard picks up 1 Defence Card and also skips a Boss Card. 

Bard (Player Role)
The player whose primary role is Utility with a secondary role being Defence and weakness of Attack. The Bard has 3 HP and can aid players by restoring HP and or removing Stun, Slow and other Negative effects. The Bard can Trade Might. 

Bible Bash (Warrior Ability)
Requires 1 Attack Card and the player must also hold 2 Utility Cards in their hand. The Warrior picks up 1 Defence Card and removes 1 Health Point from the Boss when doing this ability.

The enemy that represents sin. Players must put on the Armour of God and band together by opening God’s Word to defeat the Boss. 

Boss Card
The black card a player picks up at the end of their turn to receive negative effects which represent the Boss attacking. 



Challenge Cards
Cards obtained by Attack, Defence or Utility Card Challenges, or cards obtained by armour or Player Abilities. Challenge Cards are used to do Player Abilities. 


When a player’s health points are reduced to 0. The player is out of the game. If all players fall in combat the game is over.

Defence Cards (DFC)
Cards gained from doing the blue defence card challenges or cards ascertained from player abilities. Defence cards are needed to do defence abilities that protect players. 

Dexterous Discernment (Archer Ability)
Coming soon.

Divine Intervention (Knight Special Ability)
Coming soon.

Epic Block (Warrior Ability)
Requires the Warrior's Shield of Faith (Armour #5). The Warrior must drop 4 Defence cards and pick up 4 utility cards. The next time the Warrior or a friend takes damage the attack will be blocked. 

Fancy Flunge of Fury (Swordsman Ability)
Coming soon. 

Fatal Shots (Archer Special Ability)
Coming soon.

Fervent Prayer (Prophet Ability)
Coming soon.

Forge Armour 

Game Master (GM)
The player who allocates roles awards points from challenges and asks the other player questions. The Game Master facilitates the learning of the other players. 

Godly Advice (Knight Ability)
Coming soon.

Hand of Yahewh (Prophet Ability)
Coming soon.

Health Point (HP)
Denotes the amount of damage a player or the Boss can take before being defeated. 

Heroism (Warrior Special Ability)
Requires4 Utility cards  and all 6 pieces of the Warrior's Armour of God Armour Set. The Warrior player transfers all their Attack cards to a player that is about to be damaged by the Boss. The Warrior also receives the damage  takes the blow of damage for this player suffering the -HP that the other player would have otherwise received. 

Holy Fire (Knight Ability)
Requires 20 ATP and can be used on a target within 2 spaces of the Knight. The Knight gains 15 UTP when Holy Fire is used and the target suffers -2HP and an additional -1HP on the next three turns of any player. 


Knight (Player Role)
The player whose primary role is Defence with a secondary role being Attack and weakness of Utility. The Knight has 4 HP, and requires 2 Utility cards to attack. The Knight can aid players by taking damage on their behalf or preventing the application of Negative Effects from the Boss. The Knight can Trade Swiftness. Coming soon.

Lament of the Foolish (Bard Ability)
Requires 1 Utility card. The Bard picks up 1 Defence card when Lament of the Foolish is used on another player. All Negative Effects (NE) are removed from this player unless stated on a Boss Card that the NE can’t be removed. Lament of the Foolish cannot be used on the Bard. 

Lay on Hands (Prophet Ability)
Coming soon.

Lazarus (Prophet Special Ability)
Coming soon. 

The Master’s Forge
A card game that can be played before The Armoury that incorporates scripture memorisation. The winning player will forge a weapon that can be used in The Armoury Bible Boardgame. Coming soon.


Negative Effects (NE)
Effects that hinder the player's progression in some way. They include stun, slow, health point reduction and challenge point reduction. 

Ode of Encouragement (Bard Ability)
Requires the Bard to drop 4 Defence cards. The Bard picks up 4 Attack cards when Ode of Encouragement is used and the player who receives Ode of Encouragement gains 1 Defence card and 1 Health Point is restored. An additional Health Point will be restored for the next two turns. Ode of Encouragement can be used on the Bard. 

A person who fulfils the role of Archer, Bard, Knight, Prophet, Swordsman, Warrior or Game Master in The Armoury Bible Game. 

Player Abilities
Actions done by players that require challenge points to do. Found on the back of Armour cards and Player Role cards.

Positive Effects (PE)
Effects that strengthen the player in some way. They can include damage boosts, protection from damage, Utility increases etc. 

Prance of Purity (Swordsman Ability)
Coming soon.

Prophet (Player Role)
The player whose Primary Role is Defence with a Secondary Role of Utility and Weakness of Attack. The Prophet has 4 Health Points and can aid other players by restoring Health Points and preventing Boss Card pickups. The Prophet can Trade Might. Coming soon.

Psalm of the Swift (Bard Ability)
Requires the bard to drop 3 Utility cards from their hand. The Bard picks up 2 Defence cards when Psalm of the Swift is used with all team members gaining 1 Utility card. 

The objective awarded once the Boss has been defeated.  Quests require a guarantor to oversee the quest’s objective. Once players complete the quest their rewards are allocated the next time they play The Armoury. 

Rally of Righteousness (Swordsman Special Ability)
Coming soon.

Riposte of Retribution (Swordsman Ability)
Coming soon.

Player Role
There are six player role’s in the armoury. The Archer, the Bard,  The Knight, The Prophet, The Swordsman and The Warrior. Only two are currently available the Warrior and Bard. They all have unique responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses. 

Primary Role
The strength of a player and their function in the group. . 

Secondary Role
The complementary strength of the player and their supplementary function in the group

The player's movement is reduced, the player drops 1 Utility Card for a turn but picks up back up on their subsequent turn.

Special Ability
The player’s special ability becomes available once the player has acquired all six items of the armour of God. The Special Ability at that point requires the players Weakness Challenge cards to activate. 

The process by which positive or negative effects are added to each other. For example, a player that receives Might twice before attacking will remove 2 Health Points from the Boss. 

Steady Aim (Archer Ability)
Coming soon.

The player cannot do a Bible challenge or do any ability during their turn. They still gain the benefits from their armour and must still pick up a Boss card. 

Substitution (Knight Ability)
Coming soon.

A trade benefit the player receives when exchanging a Utility Card they are about to receive. Swiftness prevents the player from being Stunned or Slowed by the Boss on their turn. 

Swordsman (Player Role)
The player whose Primary Role is Utility with a Secondary Role of Attack and Weakness of Defence. The Swordsman has 2 Health Points. The Swordsman can Trade Fortitude. Coming soon.


Truth Swipes (Warrior Ability)
Requires 3 Attack cards and the player must hold 2 Utility cards. The Warrior picks up 2 Defence cards and removes 3 Health Points from the Boss and another 3 Health Points next turn.

Utility Card (UTC)
Cards gained from doing the green utility card challenges or cards ascertained from player abilities or armour. Utility cards are needed to do utility abilities that mobilise players. 

Warrior (Player Role)
The player whose Primary Role is Attack with a Secondary Role of Defence and weakness of Utility. The Warrior has 3 Health Points and does great damage. The Warrior can Trade Swiftness. 

The player's deficient role in the group. A player will not have an ability for their weakness characteristic. 


Yahewh – The name of the God of Israel, translated as LORD in modern English Bible translations.