Work together to battle sin by doing Attack, Defence and Utility Bible Card Challenges to forge and put on the Armour of God!  

Once sin has been vanquished you will receive a Quest to continue the adventure away from the table. 

In The Armoury Bible Game the Game Master prepares the questions and challenges for players when they do Attack, Defence and Utility Card Challenges. The Game Master also allocates the Player Role Cards of the Bard and Warrior and keeps the game moving forward

1. Game Master prepares question / Bible study notes or uses The Armoury Game Master Packs 

2. Set-up game and check components

3. Each player does an Attack, Defence and Utility Card Challenge

4. The Game Master allocates the roles of the Warrior and Bard to players based on the amount of their Attack, Defence and Utility cards

5. Players do challenges, abilities and pick up Boss cards

6. Players defeat the Boss and receive a Quest from the Game Master