Attack questions and Scripture References for Game Masters to use when players pick up Attack Challenge Cards in The Armoury Bible Game. 

If a player answers an Attack question correctly they will keep the Attack Challenge card. Always ask a Bonus question on the back of the first question regardless of wither the player wins the card or not.

If a bonus question is answered correctly the player will draw and keep a second Attack Challenge card with the challenge phase of their turn ending.

Use Attack Challenges to help players understand the text of the passage you are studying to develop Bible comprehension. Attack Challenges can be used to catechise.

Whenever a player does an Attack Challenge, before putting the card in their hand, they may Trade the card for Might.

Trading Attack cards for Might cannot be done from Attack cards already in the player's hand or from Attack cards awarded from Armour or Abilities. The Might effect lasts until the player attacks next.

The Bard, if obtaining Might, can give this effect to other players. 

Give the player a scripture.  They must memorise the scripture in their Bible for 20 seconds. After the 20 seconds are over they must close their Bible and then recite it to you. They will be awarded the Attack card if doing so successfully and a Bonus Attack card if the reference is included.