A player will do one Bible Challenge each turn.  

There are three categories of Challenges which are Attack, Defence and Utility. Bible Challenges allow players to be awarded Challenge Cards to do abilities.

Abilities are found on the back of the Player Role Card and on the back of Armour Cards that players receive when they Forge Armour.

When an Ability is done the cards in the player's hand are put at the bottom of the Challenge Card pile.

Players cannot hold more than 6 cards of a suit (Attack, Defence or Utility) at any time.

If players receive Challenge Cards while holding 6 cards from one suit already they can Trade the newly received card otherwise it must be discarded.

Some Abilities and Boss Cards require the player to draw a Master's Card to determine an outcome. The Game Master would shuffle the deck and hold it up for the player to draw a random card. A 6 sided die (D6) can be used too if you wish.

Game Masters can customise Bible Challenges to meet the needs of players and teach specific passages or doctrines in the Bible.   

Game Master questions are provided below.