To determine the amount of Boss Health Points in a game the Game Master will combine the number of Health Points of the players and double it.

For example, in a game where the Bard (3 Health Points) and Warrior (3 Health Points) are playing the Game Master will allocate 12 Health Points to the Boss (3+3 =6, 6x2 = 12).

12 Boss Cards are used to represent the Boss Health Points.

The rest of the Boss Cards are placed in the Boss Card Draw Pile where players will draw from each turn, representing the Boss attacking.

The Boss Health Point Cards are placed over the Boss Description Card.

NOTE: The Game Master should read out the Boss Description Card to the players and explain that they must remove all the Boss Health Points to win the game.

When a Player picks up a Boss Card they will be negatively affected in some way. This is how they eventually lose Health Points and can lose the game.

If a player is being negatively affected by the Boss on their next turn they will hold the card face up before them to show other players they are in danger.


The player cannot do any Bible Challenges next turn or Abilities. They still receive the benefits of their Armour and must still pick up a Boss Card.


The player temporarily loses x1 Utility Card from their hand for a turn.