Parachurch: Ministry or Business?  

Imagine if a restaurant chain were to suddenly run an advertising campaign that went something like this:

"Here at [insert restaurant name] we love welcoming families and making them feel at home. We provide comfortable and spacious areas for families to have some quality time while enjoying our delicious meals. This work helps keep families strong. Please consider donating to our important work."

This restaurant could claim that it ministers to people. Certainly welcoming families is an element of their business, but the reality is that they want you to come in and buy their products, which in this case is their food. So, if they are in the business of selling food, why are they asking for donations?  

On this episode of the Anvil & Hammer Podcast, I talk about my concerns with the practices of many parachurch organisations, YouTube trend leaching, and a future video based on our most popular video that atheists seem to love (they don't really).

I'm not against purchasing products from Christian organisations. In fact, I encourage Christians to support groups that are pumping out great content (see all the people we have interviewed on this podcast). My point is mainly that one cannot be funded by donations and paid products/services without there being a fundamental change in the expenditure, approach and running of the organisation.

Listen in to see what I think. What are your thoughts?


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  • Diana
    Diana Rosslare
    Really good. You look at sngels I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks

    Really good. You look at sngels I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks

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