5 Killer Sermon Note Tips That Will Resurrect Your Family Devotions

Have you ever been going about your week when you suddenly reflect on the previous Sunday and you literally can’t recall a single detail of the sermon? 

The reality is that we all have busy lives and are prone to forget. It is sometimes said that remembering a sermon is like remembering a meal. It does most of its work when you are there eating it or listening to it. What we need to do is focus on digesting truth so we not only get immediate but also long term nourishment.  

This is why taking sermon notes is important as it not only aids retention but gives you a basis from which to teach your family the truth of the sermon during home devotionals. So here is our list of things to keep in mind when taking your Sunday sermon notes. 

Rebuke The Storm 

Any note-taking systems can quickly succumb to a storm of chaos and confusion. This is why it is important to have a structure to your note-taking.  

Note the date of the sermon and the sermon verse/topic. Keep these located in the same place throughout the weeks so you can quickly navigate to sermons later for reference.  

Triune In Your Tactics 

Be intentional of what you are taking notes of. You are listening out for specific information during the sermon. Break up your notes into 3 parts by asking these questions: 

Doctrine - What is the sermon about? What is the Bible saying about this subject? What is the truth of this topic? 

Application - How can this truth apply to my life? How can this knowledge refute false doctrine? How is this information useful in evangelism?  

Historical Context - What supplementary information gives this greater depth? What knowledge does one need in order to understand the full weight of this passage/topic? 

Outline The Vine 

Sometimes dat preacher be spittin’ supa holy fiya!! And other times, well...you can be distracted by the fly buzzing around the room. 

Bullet-pointing the sermon’s main points will help you stay focused and also understand the overall thought process of the sermon to tie that conclusion in a nice red bow at the end.  

Wait, Slow Down There Buddy… 

Ever hear a sermon where the preacher mentions a scripture in passing and you never turn to it? Well, it is important that you take note of these so you can look them up later or commit them to memory if they are integral to the doctrine you are learning.  

In Paradise Remember Me 

With heaven's mentality now in your cranium, take note of the big themes in the sermon. In a biblical sermon there are always things that leave you limping like Jacob after some BJJ.  

Note where the attributes of God are mentioned specifically. This is the information you will be reflecting on most heavily during the week and this is the information you will want to emphasise to your family in your devotionals.  

Turn Sunday Sermons Into A RPG! 

How do you keep track of all these notes and encourage your family to be actively involved in family devotions?  

Simple. Download our free Sermon Notebook to do all the above on your smartphone and use The Armoury Bible Game in your devotionals. 

Happy Questing!

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