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Parachurch: Ministry or Business?  

Imagine if a restaurant chain were to suddenly run an advertising campaign that went something like this:

"Here at [insert restaurant name] we love welcoming families and making them feel at home. We provide comfortable and spacious areas for families …Read more

The Most Controversial Book In The Bible 

Simon Turpin of Answers in Genesis Europe (AiG) joins Sarah and Sean on an exciting episode of the Anvil & Hammer discussing the controversial first and second chapters of the book of Genesis. 

They cover topics such as…

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Jane Austen In Dude Speak: So You Don't Have To Read 

Join Sarah and Sean as they break down two of Jane Austen's most popular novels, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice into "dude speak". They examine her novels through the lens of God's Word.   


Warcraft, Makeup & Depression 

Sean and Sarah speak about the idols of their youth, World of Warcraft and Makeup, as well as presenting the biblical response to overcoming depression.  (No Popcorn)