Jackie Chan Evangelism

Jackie Chan is an action stuntman extraordinaire. Having carved out a reputation in the West for performing all his own acrobatic and daring stunts, he has also proved to be a phenomenal fight scene choreographer and film director.  

There is…

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How To Use DOOM To Tell Gamers About Jesus

Doom has been instrumental in developing the first-person shooter (FPS) video game genre as we know it today. Terms such as “gib”, “frag” and “deathmatch” all have their roots in id Software, the game developer behind Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and…

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Rhett & Link: God, Greed and Glory

We love geeks, and Rhett and Link are definitely on the geeky spectrum. Since we are committed to helping geeky parents turn their homes into spiritual armouries, we felt it necessary to help you process Rhett and Link’s four part…

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Too Bad Frodo’s Theology is Not Made of Mithril

J.R.R Tolkien lived and died a Roman Catholic. He clearly had a solid understanding of God’s providence and moral absolutes and frequently exalted mercy over judgement in his writings. Yet despite this, he sadly left us vestiges of his Roman…

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Dungeons & Dragons: Should Christians Play It?

Simply put, Dungeons & Dragons (also know as D&D) is a role-playing game set within a higher fantasy universe. 

I lost you on role-playing game, right? In basic terms, a role-playing game is a game where players fulfil unique roles…

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Covid-19: Turn Family Worship into a Game

So being indoors all the time is horrible right? WRONG.

It’s been weeks since the global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and almost that length of time since schools have been out and parents have been working from home, and…

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Parachurch: Ministry or Business?  

Imagine if a restaurant chain were to suddenly run an advertising campaign that went something like this:

"Here at [insert restaurant name] we love welcoming families and making them feel at home. We provide comfortable and spacious areas for families …Read more

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