Many think child and youth ministry is about reaching children. The Bible teaches that it is rather about reaching parents. The Armoury Bible Game is designed to turn your home into a spiritual armoury to equip your children with enough of the Bible to be dangerous against the kingdom of darkness in this world.

Are there images of God or Jesus in The Armoury Bible Game? 

 No, and we intend not to have any in any future expansion decks

Why is the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible used in The Armoury Bible Game? 

It is not under copyright, we also feel it adds to the fantasy feel of the game due to its old English style.

Are there any depictions of sorcery or witchcraft in The Armoury Bible Game? 

Not at the moment, there are plans to include sorcerers such as Balaam the son of Peor in future expansions of the game for players to battle. Sorcery and witchcraft will always be depicted as evil and something players cannot avail of and must battle within The Armoury Bible Game.

Is there a danger The Armoury Bible Game will teach work righteousness? 

We have intentionally included grace cards that award players without doing any Bible challenges to remind them that the Christian life is one that is built on grace alone.